Monday, January 21, 2008

Giant Alligator???

Giant Alligator in Mexico? Find out...

"Then Pablito disappeared.

He had gone for his usual walk along the lake, his mother said, and hadn't come back. At first, nobody was greatly upset. Kids disappear all the time, and show up at a friend's house, watching television. But Pablito didn't come back. The affair was no longer funny... A retired zoologist, Dr. William Kemper, lived in one of the gated gringo enclaves hereabouts. He asked to see the tracks and pronounced them unmistakably those of a huge alligator. This also made no sense. There are no alligators in the region, and never have been. I would have said the climate was wrong for them, but I'm no alligator expert. The idea was nuts, zoologist or no.

The Mexican press went crazy with florescent national coverage, mostly inaccurate. The US ignored it. I'll bet you have never heard of the case."

Still unsolved.


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