Monday, September 7, 2009

Soft-hearted dupes

I spent some time today trying to remember enough names to dig up this info--someone made a disparaging comment about HUAC and McCarthy, but the fact is that the in some cases HUAC was right and the soft-hearted "useful idiots" were wrong, even if they managed to keep the cases controversial. (That is, you don't have to be innocent to convince a lot of people that you're being witchhunted.) The Rosenbergs are a case in point. They were executed for treason fifty years ago. This has been "controversial" for a long time because a lot of people thought they weren't guilty. In 2008, one of their co-conspirators confessed, without regret, that the Rosenbergs and their supporters had lied to everybody all along and that they and he had actually done the things they were accused of (passing secrets to the Soviets), although according to him "spying" isn't the way he likes to think of it.
Anyway, I remember hearing about this at the time, but it took me a while to track it down and so per policy this time I'm notifying you and archiving the info (and Cc'ing the blog).
Rock Is Dead. Long Live Scissors!
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