Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heads-up: the Future of America

It looks pretty likely at this point that John McCain is going to be our next President. (I know, I'm surprised too. Three months ago I thought Obama was going to take it.) With that in mind, you may want to check out his agenda for the American economy. If you don't have time to read the speech, take five minutes and watch the video.

If you're short on time, skip the rest of my message and watch the video. Okay?



It's a pretty good plan, actually. I'm impressed. He has good advisors--and the principles he's advocating (pro-growth, transparency) are correct. Obama is preaching governmental transparency too, and I'll comment some other time on the other interesting part of the presidential campaign: since the campaign is a job interview with the American people, it's a pretty fair bet that any idea that catches on with most or all of the American electorate will be adopted by any candidate who makes it through the primaries (or else they won't make it through the primaries). That's why some people vote for third parties--a successful third party usually has its platform absorbed by the major parties, so a vote for a third party isn't necessarily "throwing away your vote" so much as voting for a platform. Anyway, the fact that McCain and Obama are both pushing for governmental transparency[1] indicates to me that it's probably going to happen. That's 21st century government for you, apparently.

Interesting times.


[1] McCain says, "We're going to make every aspect of government purchases and performance transparent. Information on every step of contracts and grants will be posted on the Internet in plain and simple English. We're going to post an agency's performance evaluation as well." How would you like to know the efficiency rating of the IRS? How about the Department of Education? Knowing how well things are going is a necessary precondition to voting for productive reforms; it also serves to give government programs performance incentives resembling those in the private sector--produce results or perish.

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