Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama/McCain stock advice

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T. & D.,
I remember talking with you about how to respond as an individual to presidential election outcomes, since you can change your personal future more readily than you can change the national destiny. To that end, you may find this article interesting.
Short version is this:
* Obama? Buy XTO and Chesapeake (natural gas), FirstSolar (economical solar) and Broadwind (wind power). McCain? Buy Shaw Group (nuclear).
* Obama? Buy financial. (Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc.) Avoid credit-card issuers (Capital One).
* McCain? Buy Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics (aviation and naval). Obama? Short Alliance Techsystems.
* Obama? Buy broadband (Level 3 Communications).
Either way, if you think you know who's going to win, place your bids well before November, before the big bids/losses get taken.

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