Friday, November 7, 2008

Breaking news: sunspots & agriculture

Hey guys,

Guess what? According to NASA heliologist David Hathaway, we may be past the solar minimum, in which case global warming should start back up again soon.

Good. Cold produces famine. This is good news for Russia, which has 480,000 square miles of arable land (out of 7.65 million worldwide, which means it's about 8% of the world total). As I recall, an acre of land was once sufficient to feed a family of four on potatoes back in Ireland ("it is crudely true that as long as a human being manages to get enough calories, it will somehow stagger to maturity and manage to reproduce itself"). At 640 acres to a square mile, Russia could feed 300 million families, or just over a billion people. Of course you sort of expect modern crop yields to be better than 17th century yields. Point being, global warming makes more land arable, which is good for Russia and Canada. Maybe not so good for Mexico.

And of course, we don't all eat potatoes any more. :)

Of course, sunspot activity could die back down again. Still, this is a good sign.


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