Friday, January 23, 2009

Taxes And Spending

I thought this was interesting. From TaxWatch (via TaxACT). Nice of them to compute it. Isn't it funny how quickly all those little numbers can add up to 100%?

Where Does Your Tax Money Go

Ever wonder where your tax dollars are spent each year? The table below provides a summary of government tax spending percentages applied to the tax you paid in.

Your Money Is Spent On Your
National Defense $4,203.00 19%
Veterans and Foreign Affairs $885.00 4%
Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Related Programs $2,875.00 13%
Unemployment and Social Services $1,327.00 6%
Social Security, Medicare, and Other Retirement $8,405.00 38%
Interest Payments $1,991.00 9%
Law Enforcement and General Government $442.00 2%
Physical, Human, and Community Development $1,991.00 9%
Total Paid $22,119.00 100%


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