Friday, September 11, 2009

Miss Manners (Is Hilarious)

Clever people make me happy. The line in bold reminds me of K.'s sense of humor.

Dear Miss Manners:

When is it appropriate for men to wear white tuxedos? My family is planning an anniversary gala, and would like to have some of the young men escort guests to their tables.

So far so good, but they want the men to wear white tuxedos because it is August. I told them that since the affair was being held after 5 p.m. and it is being set up as a formal (semi-black tie) event, that white was not right to wear. I also said that the men would look like they were ready to pass out ice cream. Am I wrong?
Not about the hope of double scoops of chocolate whirl this will engender, if Miss Manners may judge by her own reaction. That white dinner jackets look silly, she agrees.
But they are not incorrect as summer evening clothes, so your objections about the hours and the degree of formality are incorrect. They do qualify as black tie. (Miss Manners has no idea what semi-black tie might be, but it sounds disheveled.)
Rock Is Dead. Long Live Scissors!

"The presentation or 'gift' of the Holy Ghost simply confers upon a man the right to receive at any time, when he is worthy of it and desires it, the power and light of truth of the Holy Ghost, although he may often be left to his own spirit and judgment." --Joseph F. Smith (manual, p. 69)

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