Monday, April 5, 2010

How your taxes get spent

Your Money Is Spent On

Your Share


National Defense



Veterans and Foreign Affairs



Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Related Programs



Unemployment and Social Services



Social Security, Medicare, and Other Retirement



Net Interest on the Debt



Law Enforcement and General Government



Physical, Human, and Community Development



Total Paid



When I filed with they computed a summary for me of where my taxes went. I don't begrudge $5K on national defense, and $500 for law enforcement seems okay to me too. The $12K on Medicaid and Social Security are of more concern to me, and $2K for the national debt is non-trivial too, especially given how low interest rates are right now. It's easy to imagine that ballooning to $5K or more per year once interest rates go back to normal levels.
Presumably your taxes are spent in about the same way.

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