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RE: Touching base

Hey T.,
I will have some questions to ask you about rock climbing, etc., at a later date, but right now I just want to make a quick observation about this topic:
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With regards to single life in Salt Lake, I'm on the up and up, despite the impending 'ejection' from the young single adult ward due to my upcoming birthday.  I am hopeful things will eventually work out, but I only have minor girl interests at this point in time as well.  I hold to the maxim: "If you do your best, you can't do any better."  I believe everything else is God's timing and grace.
"And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit eternal life. But many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first." (Matt. 19:29-30.)
1.) Many that will be first in that day must be last here and now, or the scripture would be broken. If someone has to be last, it might as well be guys (and girls) who are equipped to handle it. Tougher, more stable, able to accomplish things even alone.
2.) One reason the inversion occurs in the first place is that eternity and mortality play by different rules. Things that work in mortality don't work in eternity and sometimes vice versa. (See Moses 8:15 for an example of playing by mortality's rules, and where it leads.) I think I mentioned that I've learned some interesting things from the pick-up artist community ( for example), and there are some principles that I can use (paying attention to emotions), but there are plenty of other things that I can't bring myself to use because I would never treat my wife that way[1]. The price is that my success with normal, emotional women will be limited. I expect this to change over the next thousand years or so as resurrected women develop more perspective and better control over their emotions, but for now it's a price to be paid. Playing by long-term rules can impede short-term success: just ask your average socialite what the value is of following the Golden Rule.
There are things I don't know about your situation (and tastes, etc.) but I think these observations probably apply to your situation. Factor #1 is one reason I plan to look quite hard at girls who never married during mortality: it stands to reason that there should be some superb individuals among them.
[1] For example: never apologize even if you're partially in the wrong--being an emotional creature, she will take the cue from your demeanor. If you act like you're in the wrong, she will assume you're in the wrong whether you were or not. If you act like you're not in the wrong and freeze her out, she will chew over her own behavior until she finds something she did wrong and then decide she was in the wrong and come crawling back. Thus you maintain psychological dominance and the upper hand in the relationship, which conveys masculinity and keeps her attracted to you.
P.S. If you are at all interested in thinking about the long term, geopolitics is an interesting discipline to look at. George Friedman has a book called The Next 100 Years which is quite readable.
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