Friday, September 7, 2012

Speeding up Gmail


I don't know if this guy is right about large mailbox sizes causing Gmail slowdowns ( but I know you have a huge Inbox. If Gmail is slow for you, you could try archiving everything. Do it like this:

1.) Go to the search box.
2.) Type "in:inbox" and hit Enter. It will show you everything in your Inbox. This may seem pointless but see point #4.
3.) Now, click on the arrow next to the checkbox and hit "All". (See screenshot.)
4.) Because you are in a search and not just the inbox, selecting "All" gives you the option to select everything, even if it's not in your Inbox. Do so.
5.) Hit Archive and wait, perhaps for a long time, for it to finish archiving your thousands of messages. They will still show up in searches of course.
6.) Your Inbox is now empty, without you having to painfully archive one screenful (20-50 messages) at a time.

Note that you can also search for "is:read" and "is:unread" instead. "in:chat" is also sometimes useful because chats don't normally show up when you search.

Hope that's interesting, whether or not you end up actually choosing to clean out your Inbox in fact.


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